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Mobile Online Casinos for Windows Mobile and Blackberry Users

Mobile devices based on Windows operating systems and Blackberry devices are also widespread in Australia. The best mobile casinos also offer games compatible with these smartphones and tablets. Recently, smartwatches have also been launched with casino gaming applications. This last section of Mobile Gaming at AU Online Casino takes a look at these.

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Playing Casino Games on Windows Devices and Compatibility

Windows has been a late entrant in the mobile devices market, but is fast catching up. It has the awesome reputation of Windows operating systems for desktops and laptops. With the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft announced itself in the mobile sector and now there are many mobile device manufacturers that offer Windows based products. All these are compatible with Microgaming and Playtech mobile casinos.

Today, the preferred way of mobile gaming on Windows devices is the HTML5 route. You access the mobile casino web site from your Windows powered mobile phone or tablet. After signing up, you can select the casino games you want to play. These will open in the Windows mobile device browser and you can wager securely and pleasurably.

A few Australian mobile casinos have started offering apps that can be downloaded from Windows Marketplace and installed on the mobile device. They are compatible with Windows 8.

Playing Casino Games on Blackberry Devices and Compatibility

Blackberry was one of the earlier entrants into the mobile phones sector. Like Apple, it produces both the operating system and the mobile devices. However, till now Blackberry has not been very popular in the mobile gaming domain. Maybe, it has been targeted to the professional use sector. However, if you own a Blackberry you can also enjoy the best of mobile games from Playtech and Microgaming for real money.

Access the web site of the Australian mobile casino from your Blackberry smartphone or tablet. Sign up and the entire range of HTML5 casino games is available. You do not have to download these games. They will open in the Blackberry mobile device browser. It is absolutely safe to carry out real money transactions at the mobile casinos. All Australian mobile casinos are compatible with Blackberry for instant play wagering. There are a few Australian mobile casinos that offer apps for Blackberry mobile devices. You will have to download the app and install it on your mobile device.

Playing Casino Games on Smartwatches

Playing casino games on smartwatches is an activity for the future. The first generation of smartwatches was launched only in 2015. Today smartwatch gaming is at best like what mobile gaming was a decade ago.

Smartwatches are being classified as wearable devices as compared to mobile devices. The other wearable devices are smartglasses. Smartwatches offer all the advantages of mobile gaming. You can wager on the go, from wherever you are. They offer some additional advantages as well. These are attached to your body so you do not risk dropping or losing them. For example, you might leave your mobile phone at a friend’s place by mistake but you cannot leave your smartwatch. It offers greater privacy. People sitting in the bus next to you are less likely to know that you are gambling. As of now, the smartwatch screens are ad free.

Apple has launched its smartwatch based on its own iOS operating systems. Android and Windows also have launched smartwatch operating systems that are used by device manufacturers. As of now only a few Microgaming online casinos offer a couple of online pokies on smartwatch platforms. One of them is Thunderstruck, which may well be voted as the most popular Microgaming title ever. The other is the branded online pokie The Dark Knight Rises.

Limitations of Playing Casino Games on Smart Watches

As of now the limitations of playing casino games on smartwatches far outweigh the advantages. Smartwatches that support gaming are not stand alone devices. They have to be hosted by smartphones or tablets. So you will anyway need your smartphone with you. All the support functions to real money gaming will have to be carried out from your mobile phone. This includes signing up at the casino and making deposits and withdrawals.

There are practically no games as of now for smartwatch real money gaming. But this will improve. Microgaming has made a start and other Australian casino software providers will follow suit. If you recall, mobile gaming also started with a handful of casino games. The big issue is the screen size. It is so small that one wonders what one will be able to see on it. The entire screen is smaller than one online pokie symbol on a desktop casino. Mobile gaming bucked the odds given to it ten years ago, so may be smartwatch gaming also will.