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Top Real Money Australian Online Casinos

Real money online casinos allow you to gamble just as in land casinos. You buy chips using your money, place bets on your favourite games and when you are through you convert your winning chips into cash. At real money online casinos you can do all this sitting at home. We list the top real money casinos for Australian players.

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How Real Money Online Casinos Work

First you have to open an account at a real money online casino. You will be asked to choose a payment option, which may be a credit card or electronic wallet. The pros and cons of different payment options are discussed in the banking section of the AU Online Casino web site. Then you access the Deposit section of the online casino cashier, click on your chosen payment option, enter the amount that you want to deposit and follow the instructions. The amount will be immediately transferred to your real money casino account. If you have deposited AU$100, then your real money casino account will show a balance of AU$100.

You can then select any casino game and place a bet. Suppose you place a bet of AU$2. Then your account will automatically be reduced and will show a balance of AU$98. You lose and you place another AU$2 bet. Your account will become AU$96. Suppose you win AU$10 from this bet. The amount will immediately be credited to your account, which will now show AU$106. You sign out from the casino and log in the next day. Your AU$106 will be waiting for you.

You end that day’s session with a balance of AU$148. You want to withdraw the net winnings of AU$48 and leave the original deposit in your online casino account. This time you access the Withdrawal section of the online casino cashier, click on your chosen payment option, enter the amount that you want to withdraw and follow the instructions. Your request will be sent for processing and as soon as that is completed, the funds will be remitted to your payment option.

Differences Between Real Money and Fun Play Modes at Online Casinos

All our recommended online casinos permit real money wagering, which has been discussed above, and fun play mode. In fun play mode you open an account with the online casino, but do not select a payment option and do not deposit your own money. Instead, the online casino gives you free credits to play with. But you can neither withdraw the winnings nor any portion of the free credits. The balance will permanently remain in your account at the online casino. In case you use up all your free credits you can go to the online casino cashier and get more free credits to play with.

There are some obvious disadvantages to the fun play mode. You are not playing with your own funds and are therefore not taking any risk. You also cannot cash out the winnings. This does take away from the excitement of the wagering activity. A less important disadvantage is that the entire selection of casino games is not available in the fun play mode.

But there are advantages as well. If you are new to online gambling you may not want to immediately risk your money without knowing more about the activity. There would be a hundred questions on your mind about the activity in general, the online casinos and the games offered. You would rather stay away than put your money. Fun play mode allows you to clear all your apprehensions without risking your funds. Real money players can also switch to the fun play mode if they are temporarily strapped for cash or want to check out a new game.

Some Games Only Available in Real Money Mode at Online Casinos

Games which are only between you and the online casino are available for both real money wagering and fun play mode. But certain games in which there is direct or indirect interaction with other players are only available for real money. Some of these are discussed below.

Most popular of the games that are available only for real money are the progressive jackpot online pokies and other casino games. In these casino games a part of every wager of every player adds to the progressive jackpot. Also if a player in the fun mode gets the jackpot combination it will create complications. Multiplayer online pokies are also restricted for real money play. In these games also players share the proceeds and therefore fun play is not possible. Many of our recommended online casinos offer live dealer games played in real casino environment. There are limited seats per table and these cannot be blocked for fun play.