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Top Instant Play Australian Online Casinos

When online casino gaming was launched around 1995 the software had to be downloaded onto your computer. Later, software was developed that permitted players to wager on casino games without downloading. These casinos came to be known as instant play casinos. Since these are more popular today, we list the top instant play casinos for Australian players.

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How to Play No Download Casinos and Requirements

Instant play casinos are also known as no download casinos because software does not have to be downloaded. They are also referred to as Flash casinos because they employ Flash software.

In order to start playing at a no download casino, you access the web site and click on the instant play button. The button would be differently named at different casinos. You will be taken through the registration process where you enter your personal details and choose your payment option. Then you make a deposit and are ready to play. If you are already a member at the download casino of the same operator then you can use the same user ID and password at the no download casino. If you have a balance at the download casino, the same can be used at the no download casino.

When you are ready to play, you select the game from the menu at the online casino web site. The game will open in your browser, and it will be identical to the version in the download casino. You can engage in real money wagering. You can switch games and when you are through you can sign out. Your balance will be available for you when you next sign in. You have to be connected to the Internet throughout the process.

The Benefits of Playing No Download Casino Games

The biggest benefit of no download casinos is to Australian players who use Apple powered desktops and laptops. The download casinos are compatible only with Windows operating systems and therefore Mac users are unable to access them. Till the no download casinos came along Mac users were denied the opportunity of playing at online casinos. The no download casinos are compatible with both PCs and Mac and you can access them no matter which operating system you use.

The other benefit, which is obvious, is that you do not have to download any software. The download casino package also includes the complete portfolio of casino games. With many Australian online casinos having a portfolio of over 800 games, the package takes up quite a bit of storage on the hard disk. With new games added every month this will only increase. In the case of no download casinos there is nothing stored on your computer. Everything takes place in the browser only.

Starting up is also easier at no download casinos. At download casinos you first have to launch the casino application and then select the game you want to play. At no download casinos you can move to the game directly.

Cons of Playing No Download Casino Games

The cons of playing at no download casinos have been gradually decreasing over time. At download casinos the games are stored on your computer and operated from there. You do need to be connected to the server of the online casino by Internet in real time, but mainly to communicate the bet details and the outcome of the games. In no download casinos the games are on the server of the casinos. Therefore there is a need for a faster Internet connection to take care of the audio visual features like animations in pokies. When no download casinos were first launched there were reports of games freezing and jerking, but all that is of the past. If you are still using an older computer or a dial up Internet connection you may have a problem with the latest feature rich games.

The other issue is of the number of games available on no download casinos. This is significantly less than at the download casinos of the same operator. Almost all new games are released simultaneously at both download and new download casinos. If you want to play some of the older games that are not available at no download casinos, you can always switch to the download casino of the same operator using the same log in parameters.