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Guide to Depositing Funds at Australian Online Casinos

You will sign up at an online casino in order to engage in real money wagering. For that you will have to deposit funds at the online casino using a chosen payment option. This section provides a quick guide on how to make deposits, how to select a payment option and what other issues you need to keep in mind.

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How to Use Wire Transfer to Make Deposits

You have to first open an account at the online casino. Make sure that you opt for a real money account. You will also have to select one payment option. You are then ready to make a deposit.

You first log in at the online casino using your user ID and password. You select the Cashier tab from the menu bar. At some online casinos it may be referred to as Banking. Then select the Deposit option. All the accepted deposit options will be displayed on the screen. You have to click on the option selected by you at the time of signing in. You will obviously have to enter the amount that you want to deposit. The other information will depend on the option chosen. This is explained in detail in the sections covering each payment option. You follow the steps mentioned on the screen to complete the process. In all deposit options, except wire transfer, the funds will be credited instantly to your account and you can start wagering.

You should make it a practice to check that your balance at the online casino account has increased by the amount that you have deposited. In the unlikely event this is not so, you should contact customer support immediately.

Choosing a Banking Option to Use to Deposit

You can choose only one deposit option. You have to choose it after due consideration because it is not easy to change it. Online casinos do not permit you to do it yourself. The request has to be routed through customer support.

There are four broad options: credit cards, electronic wallets, POLi and wire transfers. POLi has the advantage of conveniently transferring funds from your bank account with minimum of fuss. But it cannot be used for withdrawals. Therefore POLi should be a last resort option. Wire transfers are costly for small amounts and should be avoided unless you are a high roller. Therefore most Australian online casino players will have to choose from credit cards and electronic wallets.

If you are already using one of these options then it makes sense to stick with it. If you plan to wager at many online casinos, electronic wallets offer a decisive advantage. You load only one account and then merely transfer funds online. Electronic wallets need to be loaded from bank accounts, because such transactions are free. The big problem is withdrawing funds from your electronic wallet will cost. If you are wagering at only a few online casinos credit cards are the best option. It is the cheapest and you get some credit as an added advantage.

Things to Know About When Depositing at Online Casinos

Each online casino specifies a minimum and a maximum limit for deposits. There are separate limits for different deposit options. You must be aware of these limits and always select a deposit amount that is between these limits.

The more important issue is to decide what amount to deposit between these limits. If you pick too small an amount then you will be making deposits very frequently. If you pick too large an amount then you will block idle funds at the online casino and subject yourself to the temptation of gambling more than you intended to. Ideally you should work out the amount that you would like to wager in a month and restrict yourself to three or four deposits. After you wager for some time, you will be able to settle on the schedule that works best for you.

You should also know when to make the deposits, particularly if you intend to capitalise on reload bonuses. For example if your online casino offers reload bonuses on Fridays, you should plan your schedule to deposit on that day. So keep track of when bonuses are being offered. Many Australian online casinos do not have such restrictions for online bonuses and then you have greater flexibility in your deposit schedule.