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Credit Cards Payment Option at Australian Online Casinos

Credit cards are the most common payment options at Australian online casinos. They are the oldest online payment option and are widely used in offline transactions as well. We first outline some issues common to all credit cards and then discuss some of the more popular credit cards in detail.

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Using Credit Cards at Online Casinos

Online casinos do not accept all credit cards. All our recommended online casinos will accept credit cards from MasterCard and Visa. But if you have another credit card you will need to confirm its acceptability with the online casino. You will also need to confirm that the online casino will remit your withdrawals to your credit card account. Because if this is not done, then you will receive your payments by checks, which is a time consuming process. The third factor that you need to check is the minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals using credit cards and be sure that these limits suit you.

When you choose a credit card as a payment option, you will have to provide some details of the card that will be saved on the server of the online casino and linked to your account. The objective is to eliminate the need for your entering these details for every transaction. You can rest assured that proper precautions have been taken to ensure the security of this information. You may also be required to submit copies of certain documents to prove that you are the bona fide holder of the credit card. This is a necessary fraud prevention step all Australian online casinos have to take.

Pros of Using Credit Cards at Online Casinos

The biggest advantage of using credit cards is that it is a common option with widespread use. Most Australian players would be using credit cards for offline and other online purposes. Already having a credit card eliminates the need of signing up for a new payment option. Familiarity of use increases the comfort level. Credit cards were the first option for online casino financial transactions and have a time tested history.

Deposits made using credit cards are instantly available in your online casino account so that you can start wagering instantly. Similarly, once you withdrawal is processed by the online casino it will be instantly credited to your credit card account. No fees are charged by the online casino for deposits and withdrawals using credit cards making it the cheapest payment option. When you make deposits using credit cards, you get funds on credit. You can use the money immediately but will pay to the credit card company only at the end of your billing cycle.

Cons of Using Credit Cards at Online Casinos

Your credit card information is stored in the servers of the online casino. If you are the type of player who does casino hopping then your credit card details will be at several online casinos. And there are people who are totally averse to using credit cards online. Even though our recommended online casinos take all possible precautions to keep this information secure, some players are not comfortable with this and hence look for alternative payment options.

Some credit card issuing banks treat payments to online casinos as cash withdrawals. In that event the fees applicable for cash withdrawals are charged. These fees can be prohibitive. Therefore it is essential that you clear this matter with the issuing bank. Whereas getting credit is an advantage for some players, it may work as a disadvantage for some others by inducing them to gamble more than they should. Such players prefer options that use funds truly their own.