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Visa Payment Option at Australian Online Casinos

Visa credit cards are widely used in Australia and Visa is a popular payment option at Australian online casinos. If you want to opt for a credit card option then Visa should be on your radar. In this section, we provide you with some relevant information on Visa credit cards to help you make your choice.

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Reputation of Visa and Ease of Acces to Visa Cards

Visa is one of the oldest financial instruments. Though the history is longer, the name Visa originated in 1975 when the International Bankcard Company was formed as an umbrella company to take over the Bank of America credit card program. In 2006 most of the different companies handling the credit card program in different regions merged to form Visa Inc. In 2008 the company went public and is quoted on the NYSE. It has its headquarters in California but operates globally.

In order to obtain a Visa credit card you have to make an application to a bank that has an arrangement with Visa. If your application is correct and complete then you can get the Visa credit card in a matter of days. The actual credit is offered and terms and conditions set by the bank that issues Visa credit cards and you will be dealing with the bank and not with Visa.

Depositing Using Your Visa at Online Casinos

You begin by selecting Visa credit cards as the payment option when you sign up for a real money account at online casinos. Before the first deposit you will have to register your card at the cashier of the online casino by filling up the details in the online form. Once the card is registered, you are ready to deposit.

Each time you want to make a deposit, you must log in at the online casino and access the Deposit section of the cashier. You select the Visa option and will automatically be linked with your card. You then enter the deposit amount. As an additional security that you are the true owner of the card you will be asked to enter your CVC number. You then click the button to complete the deposit transaction. Before entering the amount make sure of two things. The amount is within the limits prescribed by the online casino. You are not exceeding the limit on your Visa credit card.

How to Withdraw Using Your Visa Credit Card at Online Casinos

Before you attempt to withdraw funds from the online casino using Visa credit card make sure of two issues. The online casino allows withdrawals to Visa credit cards. Our recommended online casinos permit this, but it is advisable to get confirmation through customer support. You have registered Visa credit card as your payment option. Australian online casinos will generally require copies of identity proof and address proof before your first withdrawal. They allow you to wager before you submit these documents. Make sure that the online casino receives them before you want to make your first withdrawal.

In order to withdraw your winnings to your Visa card you log in and go to the Withdrawal section of the online casino cashier. Select the Visa credit card option and enter your withdrawal amount. Make sure that it is within the permitted limits and that it does not exceed your cash balance at the online casino.

Pros of using Visa at online casinos

Cons of using Visa at online casinos