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Android Mobile Casinos for Tablet and Mobile Gambling

The Android operating system is used by some of the most popular smart phones and tablets. Therefore all developers of real money mobile gaming software have designed their products to be compatible with Android. Hence Australians using Android based phones will have no problem in accessing the best mobile casinos.

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Playing Casino Games on Android Devices

The first step is signing up at the mobile casino through your Android device. You can directly search for the online casino from your smartphone or tablet. Or you can scan the QR code displayed in the desktop casino on your Android phone. You will then have to make a deposit. If you are signed up at the corresponding online casino, you can draw from your balance there. Otherwise you can make a deposit using your chosen payment option from your Android device itself. You will find that the tap and swipe navigation on the Android phones makes wagering more convenient than on desktop casinos.

Mobile casinos offer welcome bonuses and other promotions. You do not have to claim them. But these can offer advantages in extending your bankroll and you should look at them. In case you have any queries you can contact customer support directly from your Android device.

Game Variety and Options for Android User

Android casinos offer almost the same game variety as desktop casinos, though a smaller number of games. The biggest games category is online pokies, which is what most Australian casino players want. The best and latest pokies from the desktop portfolio will be available for mobile gaming. The pokies category includes 5-reel video pokies, 3-reel classic pokies and progressive jackpot pokies. If you are a table games fan, you will find variants of blackjack and roulette at Android casinos. Some Android casinos offer live dealer games as well.

You can customise the game play from the Settings screen of the game. The audio can be enabled or disabled and the game speed can be adjusted. The betting options are also available on this screen. Android casinos allow you to play most games in the demo mode. This is useful if you are a new mobile casino player or wanting to assess a new game.

Pros and Cons of Playing on Android Devices

Android devices offer all the advantages of mobile gaming. You are not restricted to wagering from a fixed location. Most Australians always carry a smartphone or tablet and hence can wager from anywhere. Whether you are waiting for a bus or an appointment, it takes less than a minute to connect to your Android casino. The sophistication of the Android operating system and the devices that use it, ensure high quality gaming. The graphics resolution and audio clarity is as good as at desktop casinos.

The biggest issue with Android casinos is the smaller screen size. To some extent it is compensated for by reconfiguring the layout. Once you get used to playing on your Android mobile device, the size will stop bothering you. You do not have as large a games portfolio. But leading Australian mobile casinos ensure that the most popular games on the desktop platform are available and the landmark new games are available in the mobile format.

Apps Vs. HTML5 Casino Games for Android Users

The Apps versus HTML5 debate is similar to the download versus instant play options for desktop gaming. Both options are available at Android casinos and you can choose whichever suits you.

HTML5 casino games were developed first. They were general purpose games that could be played on any mobile device irrespective of the operating system it used. They were played in the browser without downloading. With the developments in different mobile operating systems, mobile casino software providers began to develop games for the various operating systems like Android. The casino games were the same, but their codes were written differently to allow perfect integration with the operating system. This led to better game play. The set of games were available as apps. Mobile casino apps for Android devices can be downloaded from Google Play. The apps have to be downloaded and installed on the device.

Now with the developments in HTML5, the advantage of apps has become minimal. It is a personal choice of how you want to play.