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Benefits of AU Online Casinos

Australian players are not constrained to wager at online casinos specifically catering to them. Because online gambling is Internet based, Australian can sign up at online casinos that cater to global customers by accessing their web sites. This would not be a wise thing to do because you lose out on several benefits.

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Benefits of Using AUD at Online Casinos

Australian online casinos allow you to deposit, wager and withdraw funds in AUD currency. If you wager at other online casinos you will have to carry out these transactions in some other currency, most likely EUR or USD. When you make a deposit at such online casinos in AUD, the amount will be converted to say USD and your casino account will be credited in USD. You will lose on two counts. The arbitrage in the currency exchange rate exchange rate will give you less than the fair amount of USD. In addition you will incur a bank charge.

Your withdrawal payment will be remitted in USD. Since you need the funds in AUD, a conversion will be involved again. Again you will lose on the exchange rate and on bank charges. Over time, these costs will eat significantly into your bankroll. A simple way to understand arbitrage losses is as follows. If you convert AUD100 to USD and immediately convert the USD received back to AUD, you will end up with less than AUD100.

At these online casinos you will be wagering in USD or EUR. With every bet you will be mentally converting the amount staked to your own currency. It is better to avoid such costs and hassles and wager at AUD online casinos.

Benefits of Playing at Casinos With Toll-Free AU Customer Support

Online casinos offer three modes of customer support: e-mail, live help and telephone. Online casinos generally take 24 hours for responding to e-mails and this delay is not acceptable to players. Live help is free and elicits immediate response but is inconvenient. You key in your query and the customer support representative also keys in the response. This introduces pauses in the transactions. Sometimes the issues are so tricky that you need to talk to customer support to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

Hence the telephone option has to be used. If the online casino has not given you a toll free number then you will pay for the talk time. If you are not at an AU online casino, then the customer support may be located overseas and you will pay for the talk time at international rates. The charges can get quite heavy. Imagine trying to get to the bottom of a difficult situation with one eye on your watch. Customer support needs to check out something and puts you on hold with every second costing a bomb. This is not a good situation to be in. You should never play at an AU online casino that does not offer toll-free phone customer support.

Benefits of Playing at AU Online Casinos Found on This Site

All AU online casinos are not equal. Even if they allow wagering in AUD and offer toll-free customer support there are other factors to consider. Our web site recommends AU online casinos after evaluating them in every respect.

You sign up at online casinos to wager on games and our recommended online casinos offer the best. Most of them are powered by Microgaming, which has the largest portfolio of online casino games. New games are added every month without fail. Australian players love online pokies and Microgaming offers them in all their variety. You can wager from your mobile phones. Many of them offer live dealer casino games as well.

Safety and security are key issues in our evaluation. All our recommended online casinos are licensed by reputed regulatory authorities. They are audited by independent expert agencies like eCOGRA as a second line of defence. The games are absolutely fair and you will get your payments in the promised time. The online casinos also carry out financial transactions in a secure environment protected by the latest SSL encryption protocols.

The online casinos we have recommended offer more than playing games one on one with the casino. There are regular multiplayer online tournaments and promotional events with attractive prizes.