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Online Roulette - European, American & Other Variations

Roulette is a glamorous land casino game long tables on either side of the wheel and plenty of hustle bustle. Australian online casinos have tried to capture this with a number of features and audio visual techniques. AU Online Casino first discusses the basic roulette variants and then the special offerings of the leading software providers.

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How Online Roulette Works

There are a large number of bets in roulette and understanding them is the first step. The bets are placed on a 3x12 grid displaying numbers from 1 to 36, half of which are red and half black. There is 0 or 0 and 00 as well depending on the roulette variant.

The Single bet covers just one number and pays 35 to 1. The Split bet covers two numbers, either horizontally or vertically and pays 17 to 1. The Street bet covers three numbers in a horizontal line and pays 11 to 1. The Square bet covers a block of four numbers and pays 8 to 1. The Six Line bet covers two adjoining streets and pays 5 to 1. The Column bet covers any column of 12 numbers and pays 2 to 1. Then there are the even money bets that cover 18 numbers each as follows: red/black, even/odd and first 18/last 18. None of the bets cover 0 or 00, except the Single bet placed specifically on those numbers.

You can place as many bets as you want. Once the bets are placed, the roulette wheel is spun and the ball comes to rest on a particular number. If any of your bets covers that number you are paid out for those bets.

Variations of Roulette

There are three main variations of roulette. American Roulette has both 0 and 00 on the wheels. Therefore most bets lose out when either of these two numbers is called. This gives American Roulette an average return of 94.7%. You have to avoid this variant.

European Roulette has only 0 on the wheel. This means that the other bets lose on only one occasion. This improves the average return for European Roulette to 97.3%. All Australian online casinos offer both variations and you should go for European Roulette.

French Roulette is a variant offered by many Australian online casinos and it offers an advantage over European Roulette. French Roulette follows the European wheel. If 0 is called then the house returns half of the even money bets. French Roulette also has a range of bets referred to as call bets. These are based on the arrangement of numbers on the wheel as opposed to the layout.

Microgaming Roulette

The Microgaming online roulette variants are listed under a separate heading under More Tables. Apart from the standard American, European and French variations there are a few other games for the roulette fans at Australian online casinos.

Multi Wheel Roulette allows you to spin up to eight wheels at the same time for a given set of bets. It is similar to multi hand video poker. Multi Player Roulette allows you to wager with other players on the same table and chat with them as in a real casino. Roulette Royale offers a progressive jackpot.

Premier Roulette is the roulette variant to go for. It provides a 3D view with a zoom in to the ball. You have the complete range of bets, including the call bets. Statistics like bet history and spin cover percentage are included. The best is that you can save your favourite patterns and run the game on Auto Play.

Playtech Roulette

The Playtech online casinos list the roulette games under Table & Card games. There are standard and different premium variations of American, European and French Roulette. The premium games offer a more realistic experience through features like zoom view and dealer’s announcements. The two games to try out are Video Roulette and Marvel Roulette.

Video Roulette incorporates a video of the wheel being spun and the ball coming to a rest with the audio of the crowd cheering. It includes the La Partage rule that reduces the house edge for even money bets. For those players who put faith in statistics, there is a heat map with hot and cold numbers.

Marvel Roulette is networked to the progressive jackpot of the Marvel branded pokies. As in the pokies the bonus game can be randomly triggered after any spin of the wheel and guarantees one of four progressive jackpots. The wheel has a Marvel Bonus slot that leads to another bonus game.

Net Entertainment Roulette

Net Entertainment offers the standard version of American, European and French Roulette. Pro versions of European and French Roulette are also offered, which have a 3D layout and better visual appeal.

However, the best online roulette variant is French Roulette, despite the more traditional layout. It displays the hot and cold numbers and allows you to bet on them directly. You can save your favourite bet patterns and load them with one click. Black/red and odd/even percent statistics are available. The racetrack display can be accessed for the call bets. The payout table can be separately displayed. An advanced Auto Play feature has been provided. You can set the game for a number of wheel spins without manual intervention, but the feature can be prematurely stopped if certain conditions are met. These include the cash balance increasing or decreasing by specified amounts. Different customisation options like dealer’s voices, background music and quick spin are available.