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Online Keno - Fun Simple Online Bingo Game Alternative

Keno is the modern version of an ancient Chinese gambling game that offers the chance of winning a large payout from a small bet. That is why it is popular with the more aggressive Australian online casino players. AU Online Casino recommended sites offer keno in their portfolio and we explain the basic features of the game.

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How Online Keno Works

When the keno game loads you will see a grid on the screen that has the numbers from 1 to 80 in sequence. You have to select up to 10/15 spots by clicking on them. It does not matter how you select the numbers. You can make a random choice, create a favourite pattern or make a combination of important dates. There is a different payout table for different numbers of spots chosen and it will be displayed beside the grid.

When you activate the game 20 balls will be drawn at random, irrespective of the number of spots selected. Each ball will have a number from 1 to 80 on it. When a ball is drawn the corresponding spot on the grid is marked. At the end of the draw the software checks the number of matches between your selection and the drawn balls. You receive the payout that corresponds to the number of matches.

Variations of Keno

All keno games are similar in essence. There are variations in the visual display and ball drawing animations but these are cosmetic. The real variations are in the set of payout tables and these determine the volatility or variance of the game.

Greater matches occur rarely, while fewer matches are frequent. High variance keno games offer very large payouts for more matches and very low or no payouts for few matches. Low variance keno games offer much smaller payouts for more matches as compared to high variance games and larger payouts for few matches as compared to high variance games.

Microgaming Keno

You will find Microgaming keno under Bingo & Variety Games in the games menu. The bet range per ticket varies from AU$1 to AU$50. You have to manually click up to 15 numbers on the grid. The payout table for 1 number selected pays out 3 times for the single match.

The payout table for 9 numbers selected pays 0.5 times for 1 match and 1200 times for 9 matches. Most players select 15 numbers and this is the most important payout table. There are no payouts for up to two matches. Three matches pay 0.5 times and 15 matches pay 10,000 times. This set of payout tables offers variance on the lower side.

After the draw you can play again with the same pattern or you can clear the pattern and create a new one. The sound can be enabled or disabled. The detailed game rules are accessible through the ‘?’ icon.

Playtech Keno

Keno is listed under Arcade Games at Australian Playtech online casinos. The minimum bet per ticket is AU$0.10 and the maximum bet is AU$2.00. Playtech keno is essentially a low rollers game. You can select only up to 10 numbers.

There are no payouts for a single number selected, so you should select at least two numbers. In this case 1 match pays even money and 2 matches pay 9 times. The payout table for 10 numbers selected starts with 5 times for 5 matches and 10,000 times for 10 matches. The Playtech payout tables have a significantly higher variance than the Microgaming ones.

Playtech keno gives you the option of playing with five tickets at a time, but with the same stake and same pattern. After you select the numbers, you click the Play Five button. The stake for all the five tickets is taken up front and the five tickets are played one after another.

Net Entertainment Keno

The Net Entertainment keno game is referred to as Bonus Keno. It has more advanced features. The bet range varies from AU$1 to AU$5. You pick up to 10 numbers. There is an auto pick option for selecting 10 numbers, which makes a random selection. There is an auto play feature as well.

You begin with two numbers selected. The payout for 1 match is even money and the payout for 2 matches is 7 times. The payout table for 10 numbers selected starts with 0.5 times for 3 matches and goes to 10,000 times for 10 matches. The variance is slightly lower than the Playtech tables.

Net Entertainment keno offers a progressive jackpot, which is won when the drawn numbers form a prescribed pattern. To win the full progressive jackpot you have to bet maximum amount. There is a bonus game that gets triggered when you accumulate five jokers. The bonus game is free and awards double payouts.