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How to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

Every field of human endeavor has its share of bad eggs. The online casino industry is no different in this regard. Online casinos that try to rip off players are referred to as rogue casinos. In this article we explain how to identify rogue casinos and how to protect yourself from them.

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How to Identify Rogue Online Casinos

Rogue casinos are online casinos that are not interested in providing a conducive environment for wagering. Their objective is to amass deposits from players and shut down overnight leaving them stranded. There are online casinos that start out with good intentions but are not able to compete in the market place and turn rogue. This article will help you identify both types.

If an online casino does not provide the basic information about itself, you can suspect its intentions. This information includes the name of the licensing authority, the particulars of the license, specially its validity, and the address from where it is operating. Today almost all online casinos get their operations independently audited by expert third parties like eCOGRA and TST. This demonstrates intent of being transparent. Online casinos that do not follow this send out a signal that they have something to hide.

The real indications come when you are playing at the online casino. The customer support representative gives ambiguous and evasive replies when you seek clarification on a promotion condition. A bonus is not correctly and immediately credited to your account. The loudest signal comes when your withdrawal requests start getting delayed beyond the committed time.

What To Do If You Encounter a Rogue Casino

You are checking out Australian online casinos to wager at and you come across one that has indications of being a rogue casino. You obviously do not sign up at the online casino. You can contact AU Online Casino and we will evaluate the online casino and revert to you.

You are playing at an Australian online casino and get the feeling that something is wrong. The first step would be to stop wagering there and withdraw your balance. This will give you time to make further enquiries. You can check the news and articles at our web site and contact our experts. You can even post your experience at our forum and check if other players feel the same about the online casino. If your assessment turns out to be correct then leave the online casino.

You are actually in trouble at a rogue online casino. Your bonus is not converted to cash or your withdrawal requests are being denied. If the online casino has a grievance redressal mechanism, then opt for it. If the online casino has no intentions of paying up, it will probably not have one. Contact the licensing authority. Send it a detailed message explain the problem and request intervention. Let other online casino players know of your experience.

How to Protect Yourself From Rogue Casinos

Even if you do not detect any signs of an online casino being rogue, there is no guarantee that it will not turn bad. So you have to protect yourself at every stage. The first step is not to sign up at suspect online casinos. But after you sign up at a recommended online casino there are steps that you need to take on a continuous basis.

Do not make too large a deposit. The definition of large will differ from player to player. In the worst case, the loss of your balance as a result of the online casino becoming rogue should not hurt you financially. There are times the online casino will tempt you to make larger deposits by offering freebies. It may be a bonus on attractive terms for a large minimum deposit. Resist the temptation. When you win, withdraw the bulk of the winnings, even if it means making another deposit a week down the line. Keep in touch with customer support. You may pick up indications of changes taking place at the online casino.

If you feel something is going wrong document all the details of the transaction. This will help you if you have to enter dispute resolution.